Depth of Field: Timothy Allen


Timothy Allen

I am starting a new “season” of the Depth of Field Podcast with the impressive work of Timothy Allen.  As I start this new season, I’m not able to promise any frequency of releases or number of episodes, but I don’t want to let it go by the wayside.  Thank you to all of you who reached out and asked for new material.  I will to continue with the quality of guests and interviews that you’ve come to expect, so let’s get started.

In case you somehow haven’t seen his inspirational work, Timothy Allen is an English photographer and filmmaker best known for his work with isolated cultures and people around the world. He shot into the public light with his work on the BBC documentary series, Human Planet. Timothy was the stills photographer for the series and traveled with the crew all around the world. He was put in charge of the Human Planet blog by the BBC where you can see many of his fantastic images. They later did a Human Planet book with all of Timothy’s images. Continue reading

A little inspiration


Mary Ellen Mark is one of the few real living legends in photography left today. Her images are full of emotion, inspiring, engaging, captivating, sometimes disturbing or even downright scary. All of them evoke a response. She is on my list of interviews I want to do. Until I get that chance here is a great 23 minute video that will inspire and move you. What do you think? Continue reading

The Last Roll of Kodachrome


If you’re a photographer and haven’t heard about Steve McCurry shooting the last roll of Kodachrome then you’ve been living under a rock or working too hard and need to get out more. McCurry apparently asked Kodak for the last roll of Kodachrome so he could be the one to shoot it. Just that act alone has got to tell you something about Steve McCurry. Continue reading

Inspiration with a Humanitarian Side

In my preparations for my trip to Iraq in late January of 2010, I’ve been doing a lot of research on things like humanitarian photography, photojournalism, photo essays and other related topics. I’ve come across some pretty amazing sights. I thought I’d take this moment just to share with you three links that you might inspiring and motivational. I hope you enjoy these sites. The first selection of images is from a Spanish site called 20 Minutos.

The other site is of a friend of mine, Matt Powell. Matt works for the Christian aide and relief organization Samaritan’s Purse. Matt is a great guy and a wonderful photographer.

Matt Powell

Then, I found Black Snapper, a site that gives, as they put it  “a daily dose of inspiring photography from around the world”.  Do yourself a favor and poke around this site.  They highlight a different photographer every day and have different theme weeks. It is way cool and a gold mine of great images.

Guest Post: I’m going to let you into a little secret…

My secret notebook

My secret notebook

…it is this: “I sometimes get others to say what I cannot put so well myself because of the weakness of my language, and sometimes because of the weakness of my intellect.

Of course, that’s not my quote, it was penned by Michel de Montaigne, who, Wikipedia tells me, was one of the most influential writers of the French renaissance. Bloody show-off. Continue reading