A Podcast: Mitchell Kanashkevich

Mitchell K

Mitchell Kanashkevich

Mitchell Kanashkevich is probably one of the most talented photographers I know. He has gotten that way by shooting continuously. Mitch doesn’t stop — or at least not for long. It was during one of these quick respites that I was able to catch up with him and find out what he has been up to over the past two years since we last spoke. In a word: Africa. Mitch has spent the last year or more slowly traveling through Africa. In this hour long interview we talk about his adventures, misadventures and his entrepreneurial adventures. Mitch has started a new e-book publishing house called EyeVoyage where he has published his latest titled called Powerful Imagery: The Photographer’s Insight. As a special offer for Digital Trekker readers you can get 20% off your order if you use the code “DTREKKER20” on your check out.

Visit Mitch’s blog HERE.

Visit his Photoshelter archive HERE.

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There is Strength in Their Faces

The Matriarch

At 86 years old, this Gujjar Bakarwal woman still walks over 100 miles twice a year between the peaks of the Indian Himalaya to the lowland plains.  Her stories can be read in the lines in her face. To me, this photograph epitomizes the strength and beauty of the Gujjar women. Unlike the other photos in this series that were photographed wooden huts, this image was made in the canvas tent where she was cooking over an open fire.



Today I did something I never do, I entered a contest. I have been getting these emails from PDN about this contest they run every year. It is called Faces. As the name suggests, it’s a portrait contest. From environmental portraits to studio portraits–from animals to people it doesn’t matter; if it’s a photo of a face it can be entered. Continue reading

Depth of Field: Mitchell Kanashkevich

Mitchell Kanashkevich

My only problem with Mitchell Kanashkevich is his name – I can’t pronounce it! Mitch is an amazing photographer that at any given moment can be found documented the world with his camera. From the surfer miners of Java to shepherds in India passion lies in capturing disappearing ancient cultures and the human condition in unique, challenging situations. His has an uncanny knack of finding the most amazing light.

I have known Mitch for six or seven years. We first met online on the Travel Photography Network. He struck me then brash and bold. I now realize what I had mistaken for brash and bold was self confidants and an overabundance of talent.


You have to visit Mitch’s gallery HERE and visit his blog HERE. Mitch is represented by both Getty and Corbis. He is the author of six ebooks and you can find them HERE. Enjoy this interview with my friend Mitchell Kanashkevich.

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