Review: Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Smartphoto Printer

fujifilm -instax

Probably one of the biggest surprises of this Fujifilm Rajasthan Photo Trek was my last minute purchase of the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Smartphone Printer. This printer opened so many doors with people to photograph that it should be considered a must have for any photographer traveling to new places.

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Review: Polaroid Camera Instant App

Instant The Polaroid App

Instant The Polaroid App

This post falls under the heading of Just for Fun. We have covered some pretty heavy subject matter over the past few weeks so I thought it might be fun to let our hair down and play.

I have used a small app called, “Poladroid.” It was a small little app that would take any existing photo you had on your computer and turn it into a realistic Polaroid snap. The fun started as you got to watch the image slowly appear over three or four minutes. It has a few options but was pretty straight forward, much like the Polaroid it was styled to mimic. One of its fun features enabled you to take your cursor and shake the image as it was developing, and after it was processed the image would have fingerprints on the frame, much like the original. But recently I was trying to use it and it kept crashing. Apparently it is not Mountain Lion compatible, so off I went to the App Store and found what amounts to a younger brother, “Instant” made by ThinkTime Creations. It is not made by the same folks who made “Poladroid,” but it is branded by Polaroid. In fact it is the official Polaroid app, and does the same things Poladroid did, only better. Plus, it does the old app one better in that it is available for both the Mac as well as iPhones and iPads! My review here will mainly be for the Mac app.

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Guest Post: Instant Gratification

SX-70, Sun 660, expired type 779, Orange County, CA.


Today’s guest post is by Stephanie Watkins. Stephanie has a creative eye and an artist spirit and it shows though in her work. I met Steph through her husband Nate, who you can see lurking in the back of my latest Vlog post (vlog #6).  Her Polaroid work is stunning and I wanted to give it a platform. I miss film and have found digital lacking something tactile in it. Enjoy these images and welcome Stephanie to the Digital Trekker.

My love affair with photography started four years ago when I bought my first DSLR. I was obsessed with my dreamy new camera and could not put it down. And as any new photographer usually does, my camera stayed on the ‘green box’ and I shot mostly flowers and my parent’s dogs.  With the combination of many long nights spent on Flickr and frequent trips to the local camera store, I became aware of another side of photography, some weird thing called ‘analogue’ and ‘film.’ Now film itself was not something all together foreign to me, but in this digital age, I did not see it as anything of importance. Who needed film or a medium format camera when I had a DSLR? Mind you, I had no idea how to properly use the camera, but I had it, and that’s all that mattered. Little did I know that I also had another camera back in my closest that would   end up changing by life and the way I viewed art and photography as a whole.

Someone had given me a brand new Polaroid Onestep a while back. It was a great novelty gift, but I really did not think much about it. But after playing around with my DSLR, I became more intrigued by my Polaroid camera and started using it. The more I used it, the more I discovered a whole other world of photography. That Onestep was my gateway drug to more analogue cameras. I soon became obsessed! I bought old Polaroid Land Cameras, SX-70 cameras, medium format cameras, and even plastic cameras, anything that took film I wanted. And the more I worked with film, the more I learned about photography in general. Thanks to film speed, I quickly understood the importance of ISO. And thanks to many ruined rolls of film, I figured out shutter speed and aperture too. Film rounded me as a photographer and made me more of an artist. The more Polaroids I took and the more rolls of film I developed, my breadth of understanding and love of photography grew and grew.

There is something so wonderful and special about film photography. Maybe it’s the fact that every picture you take really means something. Film is so expensive these days, so you take your shots carefully. Maybe it’s the wonder of holding a tangible Polaroid picture that developed right before your eyes. It’s instant gratification. Or maybe it’s the magic of peeling apart some pack film to see an image that looks even better then the real thing. Over the past few years, my relationship with photography has changed and grown in so many ways and has taken me all over the world. Yes, I still use digital and have even upgraded my gear. But using and working with film, will always have a very special place in my heart and will keep my love affair with photography burning strong.

See more of Stephanie Watkins work at her flickr stream HERE.


Land Camera 103, expired ID-UV from ’06, along highway 10, CA.


Countdown 70, expired ID-UV from ’02, Cabazon, CA.


Land Camera 440, expired type 689, Lone Pine, CA.