Vlog #15


This video was spur of the moment. Photographer friend Pete DeMarco and I decided at the last minute to go out and try to shoot a seascape at a local beach here in Penang. While waiting for the sun to drop we started chatting about the camera he uses, the Sony a7ii. One thing led to another, and this video was born.

The Sony a7ii is a very cool, mirrorless camera. It is full frame and-and yet small, as a mirrorless camera should be. But what intrigues me is it can use apps. Go figure! In this episode, we look at the Smooth Refection app. Pete demonstrates how to use the app, and its effects.

This week’s tip is about geotagging your photos with the Fujifilm Camera Remote app.

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Smooth Refection App: http://dtrekker.com/sony_smooth

Fujifilm Camera Remote App on iTunes: http://dtrekker.com/fuji-remote

Fujifilm Camera Remote App on Google Play: http://dtrekker.com/Fuji_Remote_Android

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Website: http://www.thenomadwithin.com/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petedemarco/

24 Free Desktop Wallpaper and a Podcast

So even as I write this, things are winding down with the 5 Day Deal. This was the deal that offered $2,500 worth of Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, ebooks and video tutorials and more, all for $97. This offer is good until Oct 19th at 12 pm Pacific time U.S. All this marketing and screaming about this deal (and it really is a good deal) started me thinking it’s time to give back. So here is what I want to do.

I am going to give you an option of two gifts if you will. One is really for the serious photographer who wants to have a website the other is for the follower of my work that just really enjoys the photos.

dan_carr_bonusOption A

A few months back I did a Depth of Field with an action/adventure photographer whose name is Dan Carr. Dan lives and works in Whistler, Canada. I met Dan years back when we wrote a blog together. Dan has become an expert on marketing techniques for photographers such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for websites. This is a fancy way to describe how to get your website ranked high on Google. Our interview ran long, really long. Dan had a lot of great information. So I made a 20 min bonus podcast with the remaining interview. This has been locked away in the archives and now I have made it available to you is made available to you.

If you are a photographer who wants to up your game with your website this 20 mins is very helpful for clearing up a lot of misconceptions about web traffic, .com verses .net hot to get better rankings in Google and more.


Option B

I have traveled the world accompanied always with my camera. Photography is what I do. As a result, I have a lot of incredibly stunning images from all over Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and Europe. I have taken the time to carefully select some of my best images and have created 24 high-quality desktop images. These don’t have a calendar on them. They are not dated in any way. You can use them for a lifetime. I made these high resolution so you can use them on Retina (HD) screens and see all the details. I also made sure that these images were not visually busy and in fact, they give you a great relaxing workspace.

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Depth of Field: Timothy Allen


Timothy Allen

I am starting a new “season” of the Depth of Field Podcast with the impressive work of Timothy Allen.  As I start this new season, I’m not able to promise any frequency of releases or number of episodes, but I don’t want to let it go by the wayside.  Thank you to all of you who reached out and asked for new material.  I will to continue with the quality of guests and interviews that you’ve come to expect, so let’s get started.

In case you somehow haven’t seen his inspirational work, Timothy Allen is an English photographer and filmmaker best known for his work with isolated cultures and people around the world. He shot into the public light with his work on the BBC documentary series, Human Planet. Timothy was the stills photographer for the series and traveled with the crew all around the world. He was put in charge of the Human Planet blog by the BBC where you can see many of his fantastic images. They later did a Human Planet book with all of Timothy’s images. Continue reading

Planning your 2015 Photo Workshop schedule.

I have two workshops scheduled for 2015 and another workshop still in the planning stage at the time of this writing. So photo workshop schedule make sure you include these. Two completely different places featuring two totally different cultures. The first workshop of this year (that isn’t sold out) is the Kashmir Valley Photo Trek.  Everything you need to know about this is below. Please check it out.

The second workshop is the aptly named  Photography Tour of Bhutan run by the amazing photographer and my good friend Robert van Koesveld and with wife Libby Lloyd. I am flattered to be a guest instructor on this trip. The dates for this breathtaking tour are 18 September – 2 October 2015. Learn more about it HERE.

So while you are trying to make up your mind what workshop is best for you take a moment and read, workshop participant, blogger, musician, film critic, photographer and Renaissance man Fernando Gros’ blog post How To Choose And Make The Most Of A Photographic Workshop.


Sometimes the view is so amazing you have to put the camera down and just soak it in.

Sometimes you just have to put the camera down and soak in view.

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Inspirational Travel Photography

These are images collected on Pinterest. They are made by photographers all over the world. Images that I hope might inspire us in our travel photography. Images that might set our hearts racing, that might make us want to get out of our houses, travel and photograph. Images that surprise us and perhaps show us part of the world that we’ve never thought existed. In short – images that inspire us.


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Goodbye and Back to Hell With You!

Devotee's run around the burning effigy of the King of Hell and pour out an offering of beer around it.f/2.8, 1/40 sec, at 14mm, 200 ISO, on a X-Pro1

Devotees run around the burning effigy of the King of Hell and pour out an offering of beer around it.
f/2.8, 1/40 sec, at 14mm, 200 ISO, on a X-Pro1

This is the last post in this series. We have been looking at images from the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar locally known as Hungry Ghost. As I stated before, the Chinese Taoist believe that at the first of this month the King of Hell release the dead to roam the earth. Locals appease the spirits by offering them gifts of Hell Bank Notes to spend in hell, other offerings and entertain them with puppet shows and opera performances. On the evening of the 15th all the spirits are to return back to health and then within a few days afterwards the King of Hell himself returns. He’s given a send-off in each community. Continue reading

A Night At The Opera

A masked off the performer waits for an opportunity to dedicate his opera to the king of hell. f/4, 1/18 sec, at 14mm, 1600 ISO, on a X-Pro1

A masked performer waits for an opportunity to dedicate his opera to the king of hell.
f/4, 1/18 sec, at 14mm, 1600 ISO, on a X-Pro1


As I said in a previous post, the Hungry Ghost month is full of performances of puppet shows and Chinese opera all around Penang. Just about every night of the month there’s a Chinese opera somewhere in the city. Many of these performers are brought in by the government from Taiwan. I photographed two operas. The first was at the Lim Jetty and the other on the mainland near Butterworth. They were both visually stunning but the performers at Butterworth were much more open to being photographed. They even allowed me backstage during the performance. It was really fun to photograph this amazing event. Continue reading

MindShift Rotation180° Video Review

Every so often the stars converge and something wonderful happens. Take when peanut butter and chocolate collide or when Michael Jordan decided to play basketball. Of course combining two ideas doesn’t always turn out the way we want, take the Reliant Robin. Car manufacturer Reliant’s attempt at putting a tricycle and and a car together proved less than successful. But when it comes to combining a backpack and a belt photo bag, I think MindShift Gear will have better luck. MindShift Gear, founded by the creators of Think Tank Photo and conservation photographer Daniel Beltrá has combined the camera backpack and bum bag and came up with the Rotation 180°.

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