Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Here is what others have to say about Matt Brandon:

  • “Matt’s work is not based on making money. Like most concerned photographers, his goal is to improve lifestyles of forgotten people who are struggling in this world for basic survival. I worked for the United Nations as a photojournalist for over 20 years documenting the struggles of people around the world. For me to see a Freelance photographer having the same goals and conviction is remarkable. I have no hesitation to recommend Matt for any photographic coverage. ”
    – John Isaac, UNPhotographer, Author

    “As a photographer, I know how difficult it is to capture the essence of a subject, particularly one of a different culture. I truly appreciate Matt’s work, because not only is he finely attuned to the technical aspects of great portraiture and natural light, it’s crystal clear he spends the right amount of quality time with them to put them at ease with his camera.”
    -David Honl, Owner of Honl Photo Product, davidhonlphoto.com

    “Matt Brandon’s photographs are marked by their luminosity – not only in the quality of the light present in the images but in their luminosity of spirit. Matt has a rare ability to capture the beauty of the human spirit, even in some of its darkest corners and most impoverished contexts. Matt is a visionary with an eye for hope and beauty.”
    -David duChemin, Owner of Craft & Vision e-books, Author, pixelatedimage.com

    “Matt Brandon’s stint of more than a decade in Kashmir is a remarkable test of a photographer’s mental strength to be so completely focused on documenting the lives of everyday Kashmiris far removed from the large-scale violence that the state was witnessing. Also, no photographer’s images so completely kept violence out of the frame which was otherwise readily accessible. Matt’s images and photo essays of a life that Kashmiris loved and always wanted to live or his documentation of the Gujjars (a nomadic tribe of Kashmir and Pakistan) are simply remarkable. He has unbiased vision of the people he was photographing and it belied the fact that the photographer was not a local person. ”
    -Dinesh Krishnan, Director of Content, IndiaPicture.in

    “Matt’s a very good writer, terrific interviewer and excellent photographer. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him for a project that required a photographer or writer.”-Jack Kurtz, Photojournalist with Zuma Press, jackkurtzphotography.net

    I’ve had the pleasure of leading a photography tour with Matt to the Kumbh Mela festival in India and we have also photographed together on several occasions. Simply put, he’s dependable, reliable, thoroughly professional and a delight to work alongside. I’d have no hesitation in working with him again or in recommending his photographic and teaching skills to any prospective client.”
    -Gavin Gough, Founder Bangkok Photo School, Lonely Planet Images & Getty Photographer, gavingough.com<

  • “I joined Matt on the Rajasthan tour in Feb/Mar 2013 – I cannot recommend it highly enough! One of the best (if not THE best) photo tours I have been on. Matt genuinely cares that the participants come away with a great experience, and we did.”
    -Mike Alexander

    I had a fabulous trip and a marvellous experience both photographically and socially. You are an amazing teacher, enjoyable company and very warm and personable and honest human being. I learnt more on this photo trip than on any of my previous ten or so photo trips with various group leaders.You gave your time freely and I felt that you were always there to help me with my photo skills rather than compete with me for better photos.It was so refreshing.
    -2010 Ladakh Workshop Participant

    I look back on the 2010 Ladakh-Photo-Trek as one of the most important experiences for my development as photographer. On the whole tour there was a constant and very personal mentoring from Matt and David, frequent critiques in the evening and everyday novel encounters with the ladakhi scenery, people and their culture. Sometimes we were pushed to our bounderies. The tour was exceptional well organized and carried out. … and it was FUN!
    -Michael Ettema, 2010 Ladakh Workshop Participant

    “I had a wonderful experience the Ladakh Workshop, the places we visited, the critiques, the discussions and all the informal learning opportunities. Most of all, the people, we had a great group of very talented photographers and it was great to learn from all of them. Matt made us feel like friends from the get go and that made the workshop feel like a trip with good friends where you learn a lot as a bonus. It is a privilege to travel with such knowledgeable photographers and learn not only photo techniques but about cultural awareness, respect and relationships with the subjects we photograph. I highly recommend any workshop with Matt! Looking forward to traveling with you again.”
    -Matea Michelangeli, 2010 Ladakh Workshop Participant

    “Just a few words to tell you how much I enjoyed the Rajasthan Photo Trek. I am coming back with a bunch of images that I do not believe I would have been capable to take had I not been on the workshop. I genuinely appreciated your hands-on approach, the tips and tricks that you provided spontaneously and your availability at all times to spend one-on-one time, not to mention your eye for photogenic detail and your generosity in drawing the participants’ attention to photographic opportunities that they were overlooking. On this latter point, the fact that you almost did not shoot yourself, preferring to focus on the efforts and improvement of the skills of your students, proved invaluable. One thing that I also particularly found useful were the assignments that you gave us every day and the critique that the entire group and yourself then made of everyone’s images : this helped understanding where the room for improvement was or, alternatively, what it was that made our images good images. Finally, Piet’s presence as a guest instructor was a huge bonus : his willingness and his enthusiasm for helping us out on post processing matters were equally invaluable.
    Lastly, your immense sense of humor and your ability to take your job (as well as jokes!) seriously but not yourself significantly contributed to making incredibly cohesive a group composed of a variety of ages, skill levels and geographic origin – and that was not the least success of this trip with you.”
    -Vincent Dirckx

    “As a first timer on anything like this, I can only say that the bar for any future tours has been set extremely high! Matt’s patience, individual attention, knowledge and teaching skills left nothing to be desired. The daily group critiques added to the experience, reinforcing learnings from the assignments, assisting with improvement and helping understand image shortfalls, all these leading to a noticeable improvement in my personal images. Finally the addition of Piet as guest Photographer / Lightroom Guru, and Alou’s logistical planning, assistance with all things non photo and keen eye made this a truly unforgettable experience. I look forward to another in the future. Thank you!”
    -Eric Bunn

    I had a great time, learned a tonne! I think the workshop is great value, considering the fact that it was a 1:4 teacher : student ratio and often you even get to get the leaders all to yourself. For me, that was the most important reason to sign up (that and the legendary allure of Kashmir…). I don’t like the kind of workshops where there’s 20 people standing behind the workshop leader…
    -2010 Ladakh Workshop Participant

    “I had such a wonderful time on Matt’s 2013 Rajasthan Photo Trek and Workshop that I would love to go back and do it all over again. Yes, all of it! Two weeks of fun, photography, laughter, discovery, and pure enjoyment, along with excellent company and delicious food — I can’t imagine a better introduction to India. Best of all, the photographic learning experience was priceless: Matt is an inspiring teacher and mentor who really cares about helping his students push their boundaries and learn how to create better images, while Piet’s expert assistance with workflow and post-processing issues was a real bonus. Highly recommended!”
    -Andrée Lawrey

    “This workshop was a great mix of education and fun. It’s been great to laugh and learn at the same time. You and Pete went beyond just teaching us techniques and photo skills. You shared with us your passion about travel photography. You taught us what to look for, where to look for it and how to make it happen. You pushed us out of our comfort zones by trying out new things and becoming better photographers.
    I have come away with priceless memories, great shots and having met some wonderful people from all around the world with whom I’d sign up again for another workshop.”
    -Melinda Blanchot

    “As a first time photo tour participant and reasonably new to photography, the tour surpassed any expectations I had. I was made to feel an important part of the tour, despite not being at the same level of photography as some of the others. That lack of experience worried me before I met you, but your method of guiding allayed any fears I had. I have come away the knowledge and ability of new techniques, not afraid to lie down in dirt to get ‘that’ special shot and above all learnt patience to wait for that someone or something to walk into my point of view, enabling me to tell the story I want others to see. Once again, thank you and I will be definitely joining you again on another photographic journey in the future.”
    -Brendan White

    “If you are looking for a workshop with “just” an experienced photographer
    and a great teacher, where you will “just” improve your composition and technique and feel madly inspired to go out and shoot, this is the workshop for you.
    However, if in addition to the previous description you are looking for a photo adventure where your tour leader also knows the history and the culture of the country, will take out to eat the tastiest food in local restaurants, have you sleeping in gorgeous hotels, can even speak the local language and show you so much FUN…then Matt’s photo adventures to India is definitely for you!”
    -Fernando Carvalho da Silva

    The Ladakh Lumen Dei tour 2010 was an extraordinarily positive and helpful artistic experience. Matt was a good humoured, wise and informative leader whose compassionate and culturally sensitive and approach to photography shone through. At the end of the tour I was able to return home with a rich collection of images. Looking over them the lessons and insights from the trip are clear in the images. I would heartily endorse this team as great photo tour leaders. On every level this trip was money and time well spent.
    -2010 Ladakh Workshop Participant

  • “When I first saw Matt Brandon’s photos of the people of Kashmir, I was very impressed with the way he used light to bring out the expressions on the faces of his subjects. I knew then that I had to get Matt to come and take candid shots of our key volunteers and staff during our home revitalization projects. We have featured the results of his work in our newsletters and on our website to promote our successful events. As an added result, we have received rave reviews and significant funding extensions. Matt’s photos really do tell the story.
    -Roy Nash, NeighborWorks® Waco, nw-waco.org

    “Since I met you, there hasn’t been a single day that your training has not affected our lives. You gave us the courage to take off. I have applied those storytelling principals to all the stories that I have covered since. And I’ve been successful at advocating and making multimedias because of that.”
    -Heber Vega, theoneshotproject.com

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