Author: Matt Brandon

Greetings from Delhi.

This is going to be a quick post as I am exhausted and heading to bed. I got in yesterday night early after I learned in Singapore that there was earlier flight to Delhi that I some how mess when I was booking my ticket. So with very little trouble I was able to change my flight and arrive into Delhi a good six hours earlier. I still did not sleep well, but at least I got some sleep. This morning David, Gavin and I when out shooting in the drizzle. A light rain has been falling in Delhi...

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September’s Wallpaper

    Septembers wallpaper is yours for the download. I hope you enjoy it. I shot both of these while in Chiange Mai Thailand this last month. I am being extra generous to you this month as a way to celebrate my new 13″ MacBook Pro and my Apple Cinema Display. So, one wallpaper for each monitor. And if you don’t have two monitors, consider it a freebie. The only catch is the Buddha head (I think that is what it is) is just 1080 px while the lotus I am providing you various sizes. I hope you enjoy...

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Review: Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13

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