Why hire me?

Marketing your NGO or Non-Profit Organization is more than just a little difficult, plus your needs are unique. Your subjects are real people not models that you can move around and pose. Your subjects are more than a project, they are people living out their lives in front of you. You have invested in their lives and have spent long hours cultivating trust. You know their hopes and dreams because your people have spent years with them. These people have dignity. How do you obtain images for your organization without the risk of humiliating them — without exploiting them– without violating that trust?

I can help. I lived cross culturally in India for over 13 years, working and living among the poor and needy. I know the value a shepherd finds in his one lamb. I know how a child cares for his family’s buffalo. But even more important for you, I know how tenuous trust is and how hard it is to build. My photography is an extension of who I am and my own convictions. I want my images to honestly and beautifully tell the personal story of the people I am photographing. These people trust me with their dignity and I cannot betray them. If your organization has a need for images to communicate what you’re about–call me. Let’s talk about your image needs. Let me help you get the images your organization needs to tell its story, without compromising the dignity of your clients.

My commitment to you is to bring back images that tell your story; however complicated, however sensitive. These images will not only tell your story, but they will help bring in the funds so that you can keep helping the people you love and serve.



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October  16,  2018  Noon  PDT

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