Tips, Tricks and Gear Suggestions for the Traveling Photographer

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Take pictures like these

Watching YouTube is a great way to start in photographic journey, but it’s limited. Visiting a website is a wonderful to supplement your knowledge as well. I hope you spend hours on my site soaking up the information on how to create amazing images. But, in the end the best way to learn anything is hands on. Join me on my next workshop and walk away with a portfolio of a lifetime.
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Posts you’ll find helpful
What camera should I use as a beginner?
Honestly, these days there are so many choices, which can make it confusing and overwhelming.
Kenya with the Fuji XF 16mm, f/1.4
I have been waiting for this lens since it showed up on the Fujifilm Lens Road Map. A 16mm f/ 1.4? That’s a lot of light!
Fujifilm Instax SP-1 Photo Printer
Opening so many doors with people to photograph this should be considered a must have for any photographer traveling.
The Human Form Divine
It’s a kind of law that may very well be unbreakable. It is what I call, “the law of the the human figure.”

Dear beginner, you make ripples!

Matt admonishes beginner photographers to slowdown and observe. Any beginners reading this, will find it helpful.
Composition: Prescriptive or Descriptive?
After importing the images into Lightroom, a lot of the other compositional elements come into play. It is now that the strong images rise to the surface.

Depth of Field Podcast

Depth of Field is a podcast hosted by me, Matt Brandon. In this podcast I interview working photographers from around the world and try to uncover what was it that help them get o where they are today. Listen as I converses with respected photographers from many different fields and uncovers what it took for them to be successful. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and listen to the photography leaders tell us secrets and stories of their journey.

Depth of Field: Damien Lovegrove

Damien Lovegrove is a treasure trove of both photographic and business knowledge. With years of photographic commercial and wedding work under his belt, this knowledge is all field tested by real life. I feel fortunate that he took an hour out of his busy schedule to...

Podcast: A look at the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and more…

Every year after our workshop in India, Piet Van den Eynde and I spend an hour or so talking about this years new Fujifilm gear. Because we do it in the field it sometimes becomes difficult to find a good location to record these discussions. It is India after all,...

Depth of Field: Dan Carr

I had the pleasure of working with Dan Carr online many years ago when we wrote for the same photo website. He seemed like a great guy to know then and after this interview I can say for sure he is.  Dan is a Brit who has transplanted himself to Canada. He shoots a...

Depth of Field Podcast: Piper Mackay

Piper Mackay represents the dream of so many photographers out there. She was working a successful career and gave it up to follow her new found passion of photography.  Her career was in the fashion industry and the area of photography that captivated her was...

Depth of Field Podcast: David Bergman

David Bergman is one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. He is humble, unassuming and crazy good at what he does. David has 13 Sports Illustrated cover to his credit. He has photographed 6 presidents and numerous big name celebrities. If that wasn't enough he is the...

Depth of Field: Timothy Allen

I am starting a new “season” of the Depth of Field Podcast with the impressive work of Timothy Allen.  As I start this new season, I’m not able to promise any frequency of releases or number of episodes, but I don’t want to let it go by the wayside.  Thank you to...

Depth of Field: Michael D Davis

Michael D. Davis is the photographer's friend. Mike Davis is a photo editor. Photo editors are people photographers have a love/hate relationship with. In this interview with Mike Davis you come to see that the photo editor has the photographers best interest at...

Depth of Field: Kevin Russ

Kevin Russ, by his own admission likes to take the path of least resistance. This path has taken him from a shooting studio work (on a DSLR), being one of the first photographers with iStock and later becoming one of their inspectors. To now shooting almost...


Check out a sampling of some of my favourite work.

Rickshaw Puller of Kolkata

The Valley of Kashmir

Sea Gypsies of Borneo

Puppet Masters of Penang

Ladakh, India

Varanasi, India

People are talking.

“I truly love Matt’s perspective on photo storytelling. I’ve been looking at other photographers that are very skilled, but seem to have a very different goal. That of taking a beautiful photo over telling the story of the moment. In my mind, you must have both good images that tell a story. That is what Matt is great at.”

George Neill

Noob Photographer

We are over the moon with the results of the (your) photography so considering the conditions your professionalism and talent shone through and delivered. 

Again thank you so much for following through and completing the assignment for us.”

Philip Lay

Senior Designer, National Geographic Traveller

“Matt Brandon really knows his stuff, and has been in the photography game for several decades. He’s been traveling to India for many years now, where he leads photography workshops that look like amazing experiences. He’s strong in all aspects of travel photography but if I had to pick one area you could really learn from him it would be portraits, you can see a lot of feeling in his work here.”

Simon Bond

Author, “Simple Scene, Sensational Shot”

“I’ve just returned from a tremendous week in West Sumatra, photographing Pacu Jawi and the Mentawai tribe on my second workshop with Matt. Thanks to Matt I’ve returned with great images and mastered off-camera light. He is a terrific teacher, knowledgeable, patient and generous with his time. He has an artists eye for composition and light and what makes a great picture. Matt consistently pointed out photo opportunities I would otherwise have missed. Matt’s attention to detail and the ability to put subjects from diverse backgrounds at ease shines through his pictures. He’s also the only person I know who can produce a perfect breakfast espresso in the depths of the jungle. What more can I say?”

David Longstaff

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