I have recently been in email discussions with Mitchell Kanashkevich about how he gets such sweet black & white images. I found out that they are not really black & whites after all, they are “tritones”. Apparently it is a little Photoshop trick he uncovered. They are a mix of two colors on top of black. Mitchell was kind enough to walk me through it and so I gave it a shot. Tell me what you think of this verses the color image of the same. I think I will be doing more of these.

A 90 year old Gujjar woman.

A 90 year old Gujjar woman. Tritone.

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  1. Cliff Spicer

    I really love the look of this tritone. It has more depth than black and white and I would love to know how you do it. Can you share the secret? I would love to try this on some of my wedding work.



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