Gangway Storm Case!

Gangway Storm Case!

I had just received my two Hardigg Storm Cases before I left for a trip home to Kentucky. This trip was not for work and was not an exotic trip to some far-off, unheard of destination. It was a Thanksgiving holiday break spent with family. So I thought I would load up my gear in my new iM2500 carry-on and be off. No problem: the gear all fit, as planned. I got to the airport in Austin, Texas, to find I would be flying a regional jet. I guess this is the airline’s way of saving money. I can’t fault them for that. But very little overhead storage space is given on a regional aircraft. Meaning, you have to gate check your carry-on if it is bigger than a shoe box. I have had to check my soft side ThinkTank Airport International once or twice before and I did so with fear and trepidation. This time I walked down the gangway and confidently handed the rather large, gorilla-looking man my indestructible iM2500 Storm Case. He tagged it, gave me my receipt and swung off. Once we landed, I eagerly waited for my bag inside the gangway. Finally it was thrown up to me with several other bags. When I saw my nice, pretty yellow iM2500, I was startled. My cool new “Digital Trekker” logo was shredded and the case had large, deep gashes down the side. I knew my gear was fine and I was glad that my $10,000 worth of camera equipment was protected by such a “bomb proof” bag. But I was nonetheless amazed that from the airplane to the gangway so much damage could be done to one bag. Thank you Hardigg.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sheesh, how’d they beat that thing up?

  2. Blue Ibis

    Oh my gosh, how ghastly. Complain to the airline. It’s not good enough to have any kind of damage. I’m sure luggage just gets thrown about. Some musicians buy seats for their instruments, but that’s darned costly.

  3. Matt Brandon

    The fact is we did not complain at the moment so I think it is too late. The reality is this is going to happen with any airlines. What bites is it happened on it’s maiden voyage!

  4. M'yeah, See?

    Cool bags! I mean, their name even starts with a lower case i, like iTunes, iCalendar and iKnowYouAreButWhatAmI?

    All things Mac start with lower case i and a bag like this must never freeze up or need rebooting.



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