January 2008 Wallpaper

January 2008 Wallpaper
January 2008 Wallpaper

January 2008 Wallpaper


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I returned from the Philippines and Thailand Saturday night late. It is 5:30 am on Monday morning and I have been up two hours. This is a typical post trip schedule. Many of you who travel know what I mean.

I have been very lax in posting wallpapers. Please except my apologies. Here is a shot for January that was taken in Kashmir a few years back. Simply click on the button, drag the file to your desktop and load it, however you load your desktop images for your system.

Click the image to zoom in for a better look.

I shoot a Canon 5D with the battery grip and a few lenses. It is great for what I do commercially, but for shots of the family on vacation or at play, it can be a pain. So, I bought a new camera which arrived during the weekend. The Canon G9. It is a sweet retro point and shoot with 12.1 mp. The way this camera operates in the manual mode really reminds me of my first camera the Canonet QL Rangefinder. The metering uses the old style needle and gauge to indicate if the image is going to be under or over exposed.

As I play with it, I will post some images and maybe write some thoughts on it. There are so many great reviews out there, that to write an extensive review would be redundant. So I will just give you some brief feedback. I can tell you right now I love this little guy. I like the overall retro look to it. It feels well built, with a mix of metal and plastic. One of the features I am looking forward to using on the road is the time lapse video. What I want to do is set up a tripod in the front seat of an Indonesian cab and shoot a ride in a crowded street. More on this idea later. Stay tuned.

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  1. Jeremy

    I’m getting my G9 tomorrow and will take it out on the weekend to a Boy Scout Camp. I normally shoot with a 30D, but miss the spontaneity of a P&S. I was in the Philippines last July and missed some opportunities due to the large camera.

    In a similar note, I am highly considering taking only the G9 on a hiking trip to Machu Picchu in Peru in a few months. I’m still torn, but I really think this camera will free me to take spontaneous photos. My problem is that I feel like the SLR is a safety blanket, so we’ll see.

    I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on this camera. Thanks!

  2. Matt Brandon


    Dude, you are hard core. Hiking up MP is one thing, your training for the XTERRA is another. Really, 8 hr a day? How do you get anything else done? I think you will be in such great shape for MP that you wont have any issues carrying your gear up thus allowing you to get those sweet shots. You might risk loosing the shot with the G9. Unless you know it so well. If you do go with the G9 up MP, for heavens sakes, shoot RAW! Just my 2¢

  3. Jeremy

    Uh oh, I hope I didn’t say 8-hours a day. I meant 8-10 hours a week, basically working out twice a day.

    Carrying the gear isn’t so much of the problem, I’ve always been able to sacrifice comfort for performance (must come from all those years in the military). Flexibility is the real issue. While in the Philippines, I found my camera attracted undue attention and I couldn’t really take “fly on the wall type photos”. It didn’t help that Philippino’s in general like posing for photos 😉

    I always shoot raw. I’ll take lots of memory cards and an Epson 2000. My mind isn’t made up yet, so the 30D with the 17-35 f/2.8 IS may go to Peru yet…

    Gorgeous photos by the way, thank you for sharing!

  4. Matt Brandon

    Here was your post: “Well, I’ve increased my training amount to about 8 hours a day and will peak and plateau at 10 hours a day in a few weeks.” Anyway, you still should be in great shape. Thanks for dropping by the gallery. Keep checking in. How did you find the site?

  5. Jeremy

    I just edited the post for clarity, so you were not too far off.

    I found your site through Dave DuChemin, who shoots a lot of humanitarian photography. I went on a mission trip last June and was looking for inspiration.

    You can view my photos at: http://www.onwestmedia.com/g/philippines

    We were in Manila, Bataan, Cavite, Caliraya, Paete, and Tagaytay. Thanks.


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