The New Cannon 450D-12.2mp are you ready?

Well, the news many have been waiting for, Canon has announces the new 450D also known in the US as the Rebel XSi. It is a sweet little guy with 12.2 mega pixels at its disposal. Read all about it here at DPReview.12.2 mp, are you ready for that size of image? I was tracked down by Getty Images once to submit images for them. No kidding, they tracked me down, but this was right as I was transitioning from the old Rebel 300D with 6mp to the 5D with 13mp. But when they found out that the bulk of my images had been shot with only 6mp they snubbed me. They made some excuse about how they only wanted images with 10mp or above. Guess what, the world just got a little flatter, this little guy will give a chance for many amateurs to compete and offer high resolution images to the professional market place. But guess what else? You still have to have talent. You still need to develop your eye, your skills. Oh and one more thing, before you run out and buy it, think through the cost of digital storage space, as every 12mp (RAW) is going to take up around that much storage space. So, when you buy this camera you might as well buy a new 1TB external hard drive!

Still no news of a 5D upgrade or replacement. I’ll keep holding my breath.

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