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I don’t usually write about something other than photography or travel or things related to them. But, this is somewhat personal as I lived in India for over 13 years. Tata Motor company has introduced a new car that almost anyone can afford. It is the One Laptop for Every Child of the automotive industry. It is called, believe it or not, the “Nano”. Move over Apple. It comes in three models, the cheapest of which is only $2,500. This model comes with no AC, no electric windows and no power steering. The design is very cool looking, especially if you think of it as the “every man’s” car. It is also interesting to note they are referring to it as “The Peoples Car” That was they exact same name Hitler gave his car the “Volkswagen”. How will they market it in Germany?

The Tata Group is huge, I mean monstrous. If you are not living in India, you may have no concept. But those of you that do, know what I mean. They make everything from refrigerators to tea and coffee, from watches to cell services. The last week of 2007, Tata Motors announced that they are going to buy Jaguar and Land Rover. Hmm, maybe they are going to take over the world?

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    Of course they’re going to take over the world. I tell my nieces and nephews to learn Mandarin and Hindi if they want to get a job in the future. America will soon be a Third World country, grateful for the cheap manufacturing jobs the Chinese and the Indians send us because we’ve sold out our own country in the name of profits.


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