Penang – A Culinary Paradise

Penang – A Culinary Paradise

I was browsing around the net (waking up too early yet again) looking for anything on Penang. I found this video on food. Apparently Penang is a culinary hot spot! In fact this was only one of dozens of videos on the topic of Penang food. Goody for me! I will eat just about anything, but I love spicy and exotic food. Check out this video.

Here are four images from the Lonely Planet photo gallery of Penang. When I see images like these I get excite about the move and the photo ops. Check them out HERE.

My daughter did her tap dance recital last week. One of the dances was “Singing In The Rain”. You gotta love the colors.

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  1. Troy Feener

    Oh man, you had to do that to me! I’ve eaten at that Chendoi stall in the video so many times it’s not funny. I have to take exception to his claim the Iced Kacang is the best food though…chendoi (chendol) gets my vote hands down….along with Curry Laksa and Nasi Lemak (coconut rice with spicy fried anchovies for breakfast!) I’m super jealous Matt.

  2. David

    i think i’m gonna hurl…

  3. Matt Brandon

    David, you need to get out more. Leave the Micky Ds and try real food.

    Troy, what have you been to Penang some much? We need to hook up once I get there.

  4. Troy Feener

    My wife’s relatives live in Penang and KL. Her godmother lives in Georgetown and so we usually spend a week or so there each time we go back. I try and hit the chendoi stall every day if I can too!
    We will most likely be in Malaysia in November sometime…will hook up for sure if you are free…by then you will be fully assimilated and be taking midnight trips to the teh tarik shop for roti.

  5. Matt Brandon

    Be sure and let me know when you are coming into town. We will go shoot and quaff a teh tarik!

  6. David

    Dude, that McD comment hurt. I haven;t eaten fast food in a long time – well over a year since McDonald’s. I just don’t like the wierd stuff. And cuttlefish? Sorry man, that’s wierd. And beans in my dessert?! Also wierd.

    Troy – you still coming to Vancouver this month?

  7. Matt Brandon

    How is it possible that a man like you can travel the world and not be adventurous in his eating? OK, you get your butt over to Penang and I will take you to a few places (I have yet to find) that will send your taste buds soaring with delight. Deal?

  8. Troy Feener

    Hehe…have to agree with Matt here David. I was a born and bred meat and potato kind of guy until I met my wife. Black pepper was too hot for me, but after 10 years of culinary training at her family’s table there’s very little I won’t eat or at least try. Still, I don’t like congealed pig’s blood…


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