Vlog Review

Vlog Review

Here is some links to the product reviewed:

Find the Keen Newport H2 on sale at REI for $90.00 HERE.

You can find the Keen La Jolla on sale for only $59.95 HERE.

Find the Freeplay USB travel charger HERE for $12.00.

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  1. dano

    Matt, I absolutely love my keen newports! I will have to try leaving them out to help with the smell, but I just prefer to scrub them down when smelly with some water just before I go to bed and they dry so fast that they are clean and dry by the morning…They say you can put them in the washer, but I haven’t done that yet. I do also vouch for how unbelievably comfortable they are…I would wear them everyday if work allowed it. I can play sports, boulder a bit, and water sport too. I don’t know if I like the green, but hey they are your feet not mine 😉 – dano


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