A peak at the new 5D MKII?

A peak at the new 5D MKII?

Maybe it is a sneak peak at the new Canon 5D MKII or maybe something brand new. But whatever it is they are sure teasing us! Check it out HERE

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  1. Cooper Strange

    How in the world did you even find this page? It sure looks like a next generation 5D to me. And considering nothing in their line up is as expected and desired, I would guess the same.

  2. Matt Brandon

    Cooper, I agree. I can’t think what else it would be outside of a whole new camera. I just hope it is full frame and affordable!

  3. Grungemann

    So, I can assume your 5D will be on sale soon right…

  4. Matt Brandon

    You wish! 😉 No, I will be keeping it, I have been risking it for years with traveling with just one body.


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