What Blogs do you read?

What Blogs do you read?

Ok time for you to give back? I have a certain few blogs I check everyday. Here is my list:

  1. PixelatedImage Blog – David is one of the best writers I know and is always inpserational.
  2. Joe McNally – Joe is one of the best photographers out there and is always willing to share. And by the way, Joe’s blog was a stitch today!
  3. Chase Jarvis – Chase is awsome. Talk about some who shares knowledge. This guy rocks and he produces some pretty mean videos as well.
  4. The Travel Photographer – Tewfic El-Sawy always has some great links to some very cool slideshows.
  5. Photoshop Insider – Scott Kelby is, well Scott Kelby a must read.
  6. TED Blog – This is always a way to stay up on what the “world” fines important.
  7. Gavin Gough – Gavin has great insight and I just love looking at his images.
  8. A Photogrpahy Blog– Rachel Hulin digs up some great images and is always good for a hoot.

OK – Now it is your turn. Who do you read? I know you are out there, I see the states. So please don’t embarrass me and not respond. Or I am going to have to have my mom email for 50 different computers to cover my Arse!

PS One more I almost forgot to list. What the Duck. A must read. Not only is it funny, but it speaks volumes!

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  1. Johanna

    I’m leaving a message because I don’t want your mom angry but I have little to contribute. I like your list… included in mine are http://www.mytopography.com – great writer and insight with beautiful pictures. And then there’s my blog… that is … uh… under construction… that should be added to your list when it’s up again. 🙂

  2. David

    Looks like I dip into the same pool. I also check Flying With Fish once in a while, The Layers Magazine blog, and Rob Galbraith’s site. That list of 60 sites looks good, but who’s got the time? (plus, I wasn’t on their list, so I’m boycotting… 🙂

  3. Matt Brandon

    Thanks Mike for the list. Most of it look familiar.

    David- I load all the blogs in iGoogle and use a tab or two to hold them. This way I can browse though them and look at the headlines and see if there is anything worth reading or any new news. Just a thought.

  4. Peter Pham

    I don’t have any to add, but thanks for sharing your list and this post. I now have lots to read, but your blog is first on my bookmark. Keep up your excellent work !!!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi there, yes I’m almost daily here! Yours is one of the logs I read. Nice to read/see your favourits! I’m a ‘beginner photographer’ from Holland and love it to see your work… it’s a my dream to be one like you. I’m working hard on/to it …


  6. Matt Brandon

    Jonneke – Great to know I have readers in Holland. I love the Netherlands. By the way, for a “beginner” you have a very nice site with a lot of great work. If you really are a beginner, (and not just being modest) you have a very bright future ahead of you.

  7. Cooper Strange

    Sure a lot of those are the same for me, but I am a bit shocked that The Strobist was not mentioned. Man, you want to open up cheap and effective lighting, there is no better place to turn.



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