Video: Hand Painting Photos With Oils in Photoshop

Video: Hand Painting Photos With Oils in Photoshop

Well, sort of. Here is a technique I ran across on Kelby Training taught by Lisa Snider King. I really like her style. What can I say she is from Texas! So I want to give credit where credit is do. (Sorry Lisa, I realized in the rush to keep this tutorial 10 minutes, I left your credit out, bad form on my part. Please forgive me.) By the way, if you have the money and the bandwidth Kelby training is well worth it. A whole host of talent like Lisa, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Joe McNally and more, much more!

Jessie Before

Jessie Before

Jessie After

Jessie After

So the video is self explanatory. But here are the before and after shoots. I hope you enjoy the lesson. By the way, if you do this method send me your shots and I will try to post them here.

Here is the video. Have fun.


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