Apple’s new releases make photographers smile.

Apple’s new releases make photographers smile.


A lot chatter is happening on Twitter today about the new iPhone 3Gs that was announced. Chase Jarvis calls it the Photographers phone. So what is so special about it? Well, the thing that stands out to me is the selective focus on its camera. You simply touch on a part of the screen you want in focus and the iPhone focuses on that part. Very cool, if it works like it is promoted to work. Other things are, it now has 3 mega pixels, seems like they could have bumped that up a little more. It also now has video capabilities. In fact you can even edit your videos on the phone rather than on your home computer. On a lighter note. Below is a fun, if somewhat shocking, video made by Chase promoting his next talk. It made me jumped in my chair, so be ready.

But in other equally exciting news today by Apple and one to make traveling photographers smile is the new MacBook Pro release. Finally Apple hit the mark with this one and didn’t take away the very things photographers need, like speedy processors and high speed ports. The 13in MacBook now has a firewire 800 port and the powerful NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics processor. For some odd reason Apple had been taking away the FW 800 ports of all their laptops except the 17in model. Crazy, as it is very difficult to travel with a 17in monster, I know, I do it often. So with the release of the new 13in model you have some smiling photographers ourt there now.  As with most of the MacBook Pros, you can customize your computer and add all kinds of goodies. But how about a whopping 8 gb of RAM and even a 250 gb solid state drive? Sweet! Now if only my 17in MacBook Pro would hurry up and die I might be able to justify one of these works of art. Until then, it is business as usual.

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  1. Roger Madsen

    Yes, the new 13″ MacBook Pro is very tempting. Small and light for travel but still enough power keep using it at home connected to a external display for serious editing. The only computer I would need. But like you I have to wait for my old MacBook Pro to crash first…

  2. Jeffrey Chapman

    Isn’t it odd when we start hoping for our MacBooks to die on us so that we can buy new ones? I love my 15″ MacBook Pro, but I’d love the new one just a little bit more. It’s cruelty!

  3. Matt Brandon

    Yeah, it is sick isn’t it? Wanting something to die so we can replace it. Just not good stewardship. But, I gotta be honest, my MacBook pro is only half living and it is very frustrating at times, even difficult to use. But I just cant justify having a mostly working but limping MacBook 17in on the self. I suppose I could donate it to some organization. But most organizations don’t want Macs, they want PC. Life is difficult.

  4. Jeff Lynch

    I’m gonna be real mean here but I ordered mine last evening and it should be here by Friday. The 500 GB hard drive option was the clincher for me. I’m tired of having to hook up an external drive when I start up Lightroom. Donated my existing 13″ MB to my college bound second daughter. The folks at my local Apple store will even transfer all my fines/programs/images from the old to the new.

    Looks like my 85mm will have to wait till 2010.



  5. grungemann

    Dear Matt,

    I know an “organization” who’d like your old Macbook Pro 😉

  6. grungemann

    Dear Matt,

    I know an “organization” who’d like your old Macbook Pro 😉

  7. Vanessa Jackman

    Grungemann- I also know of an “organization” who would LOVE a “gently used” Macbook Pro: This particular “organization” is currently struggling along with a PC and is sick of being in the uncool club 😉

    p.s. Although reading Matt’s tweet from 45min ago it sounds like his Macbook is freezing just as much as my PC does!

  8. Matt Brandon

    OK Gang, back off! I have a…a…a something… and whatever it is, I am not afraid to use it! Jeff, you are just SICK!! Actually I think I may have solved my crashing problem. Zapped the PRAM.


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