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Just a quick look at one of my all time favorite photographers and people, Ami Vitale and our guest instructor at this coming Lumen Dei Workshop. Nikon commissioned her to do a video using the new Nikon D300s. All I can say is, if you are intimidated by talent then keep moving, this video is amazing! Maybe a little of that talent will rub off on me with two weeks of shooting with her. Lets hope so. After viewing the video, take a moment and read the interview with her by Steve Casimiro, West Coast Editor of National Geographic Adventure. You will find it HERE

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  1. Jeffrey Chapman

    No doubt, she has mad talent. I hope the Lumen Dei participants know how lucky they are to have the opportunity to shoot with you, David and Ami Vitale.

  2. Ryan Chappell

    Amazing! I don’t suppose anyone knows where the yellow stairs that appear at 3:10 are, after watching the video I just can’t get the image of the sari clad women walking the stairs out of my head. It is such a vivid powerful image and I would love to know where these stairs are located.


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