Photography by Timothy Allen

Photography by Timothy Allen

For the last two weeks I’ve been remiss in writing any blog posts. There are good reasons, none of which I’m going to share here. Suffice it to say it’s been a very tough couple of weeks.

However today, Jessie, my daughter was looking at some of my work with me on my computer, when all of a sudden she started jumping up and down and screaming, “Ooh, ooh, ooh!” She had to show me something. She ran to her room – brought up a website on her computer and yelled at me to come in and look. One of her teachers at school had shown her this site. She insisted that he send her the link so that she could share it with me. I can see why Jessie was jumping up and down. I now want to share it with you. It is the work of Timothy Allen

I am embarrassed to say Timothy Allen is a photographer that I have missed along the way. That changed today (thank you Jessie). Not only did he have an amazing past couple of years, being a staff photographer with the BBC’s Human Planet, he also is just a plain stinking amazing photographer! He has striking images of amazing places and people. Anyone who photographs people like this guy rates way up there in my book! He has images of things I have seen before and yet he seems to make them new. Not just new, but better. He’s has what every photographer wants, opportunity, an eye composition and technical expertise to be able to bring these image to life in post-production. His colors are amazing, his moments are decisive. He also strikes me as humble. After you listen to this slide show of his photos I think you’ll agree. ( I am a little mift at the BBC for not allowing us to embed this slide show.) You have to view this slide show, it is a must. I am going to state it here, this is some of the best work I have seen in years. I’m taken by his images to places I can only dream of going. Funny, this is what people say about my work. I guess there is always places we want to go and things we want to take pictures of. Until then, I give you Timothy Allen.

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Matt Brandon

Matt is a Malaysia based humanitarian and travel photographer. Well known as a photographer and international workshop instructor, Matt’s images have been used by business and organizations around the globe. Matt also on the design board for Think Tank Photo, a camera bag manufacturer. In 2013 Matt founded the On Field Media Project to train the staff of non-profits to use appropriate technology to produce timely as well as quality images.


  1. Ed

    I absolutely agree. I have been following Tim’s blogs, including the newer one connected to Human Planet, for about a year now. His work is fantastic as you say but he’s also a tremendously nice guy to interact with when he has the time to reply to comments etc. He clearly is very busy judging by the image he has up of his cameras, the assignments he goes and the fact he has a helpful FAQ up for all those questions he must get. But again, his images are just plain amazing. Thanks for sharing this slideshow Matt, I hadn’t seen it.

  2. Click4hope

    Thanks for the heads up, Matt. Very inspiring.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing Matt. Simply awesome. Hope things are looking up for you as well.

  4. Stephen McGrath

    “Thank you Jessie”? Hmmm. Methinks you should be thanking her teacher. 😉

    – a teacher who gives links of cool stuff to students.

    • Matt Brandon

      Stephen – Yeah, except she insisted that he send her the link so that she could share it with me. So, Jessie still get the bulk of my thanks, but thanks still goes out to any teacher that shows his class this kind of work!

  5. Suzanne Chater

    Thanks so much for that link Matt, and big thanks to Jessie (and her teacher) too! Such awesome and inspiring images – just want to watch it again and again and again….

  6. CathyTopping

    That was great. Thanks for sharing Matt!

  7. Jerejudd

    A friend sent me this link on Facebook the night before I departed from Beijing. Almost didn’t get packed looking at the photos. Incredible. Inspiring. The stuff dreams are made of. I’ll not tire of iewing this site for a while. Glad you shared. (And boos and hisses to BBC for now allowing the embedding of the show.) This should be shared as widely as possible. It is one of those stories that shows we’re not all that different.

  8. Tod

    Thanks for the link, Matt. Incredible work, for sure! Hope life is now going better for you.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  9. Yves Perreault

    Thank you for sharing this link, Matt. His work is inspiring. I really hope all is going well for you.


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