Thaipusam: Photo Walk Participant’s Images

Thaipusam: Photo Walk Participant’s Images
An Offering Photographed by Scott Rust

“The Offering”  Photographed by Scott Rust


This weekend was filled with endless screams, the rolling of eyes, bodies being pierced by spears, the sticking out of tongues (also pierced) and more; and that was just my photo walk participants!  Seriously–I had a great time with 6 to 7 local expats showing them Thaipusam (Day 1 and Day 2) and helping them find just that right angle or moment. I thought I would take this post and show you the work of two participants. The first is the work of Scott Rust, check out more of Scott’s work HERE. The second group of images are by Daniel Cohn. You can see more of Daniels work HERE.


Photos by Scott Rust


Reaching out for a blessing. Photographed by Scott Rust

“Reaching out for a blessing”  Photographed by Scott Rust


Applying a tika. Photographed by Scott Rust

“The Application of a tika”  Photographed by Scott Rust


A Dance of Worship. Photographed by Scott Rust

“A Dance of Worship”  Photographed by Scott Rust


The smashing of coconuts as an act of devotion. Photographed by Scott Rust

“The smashing of coconuts is an act of devotion” Photographed by Scott Rust



Photos by Daniel Cohn


The Chariot. Photographed by Daniel Cohn

“The Chariot Ride”  Photographed by Daniel Cohn


The Pilgrimage.  Photographed by Daniel Cohn

“The Pilgrims and the Pilgrimage”  Photographed by Daniel Cohn


A Devotee  Photographed by Daniel Cohn

“A Devotee”  Photographed by Daniel Cohn


The Vel.  Photographed by Daniel Cohn

“The Vel–ouch, that’s gotta hurt!” Photographed by Daniel Cohn


Paal Chembu and Ash.  Photographed by Daniel Cohn

“Paal Chembu and Ash”  Photographed by Daniel Cohn







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