Indian Summers: Another Look

Indian Summers: Another Look


Alice Whelan played by Jemima West walks through the Simla bazaar. (Note the camera in the lower right and the crew giving direction to an extra in the lower right)


This past Sunday Indian Summers premiered. It was everything I had hoped. If you want to watch it, it will be available for 30 days from this post date HERE. You might need a little extra help to get it to play in your region. 😉  But then I am biased. I had such an overwhelming response to my photos of the main characters of this new UK Channel 4 drama, that I wanted to do a follow up with other photos. Today I am posting images of a few more actors that don’t have what some might say a main role. Yet, they still play a key place in the upcoming story line. You’ll also find some wider shots of the setting to give you a feel for Simla, India in 1932. I can’t say anything about what is going to unfold. But I can say that there is passion, suspense, intrigue and of course drama. I am posting photos but I’m not giving you any background to the scenes so you will have to use your imagination or better yet, you’ll have to watch the show to find out how these scenes relate.


Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Ralph Whelan


Alice Whelan played by Jemima West

Alice Whelan played by Jemima West



f/1.2, 1/70 sec, at 56mm, 400 ISO, on a X-T1

Alyy Khan plays Ramu Sood



f/1.2, 1/950 sec, at 56mm, 250 ISO, on a X-T1

‘Indi’ Nadarajah as Kaiser


f/5.6, 1/180 sec, at 12.6mm, 320 ISO, on a X-E2

Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon, Viceroy of India Stands in front of his Roll Royce Phantom.



f/1.2, 1/250 sec, at 56mm, 250 ISO, on a X-T1

Ayesha Dharker as Nalini Ayer



Guy Williams as Rowntree


Ashna Rabheru as Shamshad Dalal


Fiona Glascott and Craig Parkinson watch the skills of “tent pegging”.


Coolies shift the Raj from New Delhi to Simla when the summer heat arrives.


Fiona Glascott as Sarah Raworth at Ivy Cottage.


Tea at Ivy Cottage with Jemima West, Julian Fenby, Craig Parkinson and Fiona Glascott.



Hasina Haque as Jaya


Amber Rose Revah and Craig Parkinson hold Adam.


Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Ralph Whelan


Nikesh Patel as Aafrin Dala and Rick Warden as Ronnie Keane share a moment.


Lillete Dubey as Roshana Dalal and Roshan Seth as Darius Dalal



Aysha Kala as Sooni Dalal soothes he on screen father Darius Dalal played by Roshan Seth.


f/2.5, 1/210 sec, at 56mm, 200 ISO, on a X-T1

The dinner party. L to R Rick Warden (with his back to the camera, Jemima West, Olivia Grant, Henry Lloyd-Hughes and sitting Edward Hogg.


Rick Warden as Ronnie Keane




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  1. George Neill

    Apparently, Channel4 checks your IP to see if you’re in England. Being in the US, I installed ExpatShield which connects me to a British IP and I was able to watch the show.

    • Matt Brandon

      Thanks George. I used, works like a charm. So what did you think of it?

  2. Andy Wilson

    There are some excellent images here Matt, congratulations and Happy (Chinese) New Year.

  3. Gregory John Smith

    Some really great images here, transmitting the atmosphere as if we were present in it….
    As social entrepreneur and founder of the Children At Risk Foundation and World of Children Humanitarian Award winner in 2014, I would love to hear more about your On Field Media Project to train the staff of non-profits. Sounds interesting..

    • Matt Brandon

      Thanks for writing Gregory. I think I recall speaking with you on the set. You can learned more about the On Field Media Project at or email us at I hope we can work together.



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