24 Free Desktop Wallpaper and a Podcast

So even as I write this, things are winding down with the 5 Day Deal. This was the deal that offered $2,500 worth of Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, ebooks and video tutorials and more, all for $97. This offer is good until Oct 19th at 12 pm Pacific time U.S. All this marketing and screaming about this deal (and it really is a good deal) started me thinking it’s time to give back. So here is what I want to do.

I am going to give you an option of two gifts if you will. One is really for the serious photographer who wants to have a website the other is for the follower of my work that just really enjoys the photos.

dan_carr_bonusOption A

A few months back I did a Depth of Field with an action/adventure photographer whose name is Dan Carr. Dan lives and works in Whistler, Canada. I met Dan years back when we wrote a blog together. Dan has become an expert on marketing techniques for photographers such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for websites. This is a fancy way to describe how to get your website ranked high on Google. Our interview ran long, really long. Dan had a lot of great information. So I made a 20 min bonus podcast with the remaining interview. This has been locked away in the archives and now I have made it available to you is made available to you.

If you are a photographer who wants to up your game with your website this 20 mins is very helpful for clearing up a lot of misconceptions about web traffic, .com verses .net hot to get better rankings in Google and more.


Option B

I have traveled the world accompanied always with my camera. Photography is what I do. As a result, I have a lot of incredibly stunning images from all over Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and Europe. I have taken the time to carefully select some of my best images and have created 24 high-quality desktop images. These don’t have a calendar on them. They are not dated in any way. You can use them for a lifetime. I made these high resolution so you can use them on Retina (HD) screens and see all the details. I also made sure that these images were not visually busy and in fact, they give you a great relaxing workspace.

So what’s the catch? They say nothing is free, right? But this is as close to free as I can make it without.. well, actually being  free. In order to receive either Option A or B, all you have to do is to sign up for my newsletter. I only give away premium material like these to my newsletter subscribers. It’s a perk for them.

So sign up. Download. Enjoy!



Wallpaper: December 2010

Dec Wallpaper



Dec #2 2010



I have a special gift for you. Not one, but two wallpapers for this month. I did not get around to posting a wallpaper last month and so I want to make it up to you. I hope you enjoy them and that they make your desktop festive this holiday season. Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Simply click these links: [download id=”50″ format=”1″] and
[download id=”51″ format=”1″] to go to the wallpaper you wish to download and then drag the photo to your desktop. Enjoy.

And the SoundSlides Winner is…

So this was way, way more difficult than I expected. Everyone of you that entered the contest had amazing ideas how you would use the SoundSlides Plus application. I only wish I could give every one of you the application. In fact, I was so impressed by what I read I contacted the folks at SoundSlides and asked them for a special deal. There will be one winner of the free license. But everyone is going to walk away with something. I’ve managed to secure for everyone who commented $20 off the purchase of SoundSlides Plus! $20 is not something to sneeze at, especially for program that’s only $70 to begin with. Continue reading

GIVEAWAY + Review: SoundSlides Plus

This week we will be looking at what it takes to create a well done and communicative multimedia photo essay. I will be introducing you to some of tools it takes to create these effective presentations. We’ll also be taking a look at the type of photos you need in an essay to build the story up and keep the interest of the viewer. Continue reading

Photographer, do you know what you know?

First off let me give a hearty thanks to David Bohlen, Gavin Gough and David DuChemin for filling in while I was gone. My numbers where never so high! Always nice to benefit off of others reputations. All three guys did great and I am in debt to each.

The 16th centry WOODEND FARM is a self-catering accommodation in the Cotswolds.

All last week I was kept cloistered in a 300 year old farm house called Woodend Farm in the middle of England, just outside a little town called Tewkesbury. Rough life, to be sure. The week was filled with meetings with folks that are experts in Knowledge Management. The point of these meetings was to help NGOs to understand and apply Knowledge Management principles to their work. How I got involved in this I’m not quite sure, I guess they see I have something to add from a media/communications standpoint. But I sure learned a lot.

I am learning that we have to, not just need to, but have to share what we know with others. We all have knowledge that can help and increase each others effectiveness in what we do. But, if we do not share it we create barriers to growth and effectiveness and this translates to a loss in product and revenue.  This was a meeting of NGO types, but there is a lot of information here that photographers can benefit from. For instance; one of the things we all love about guys like David DuChemin, Chase Jarvis, Scott Kelby and others is that they share their knowledge and wisdom with others. Sometimes it is simple, a short photoshop technique, other times it might be more cerebral and deep like David’s great article last week on The Illusion of Free. We need more of these guys in our field. But it goes deeper. If we are going to be effective and continue to grow in our fields we need to develop a life style, an ethos of Reflective Practice.

Reflective Practice is kind of complicated. In it’s most basic form it is the habit of stopping and looking at where you are and then asking yourself, “Is this where I want to be?” “How did we get here?” and “Did we get here the most effective way?” By making a point to learn before, during and after an event or project we can capture knowledge that might normally escape or elude us. We also need to start asking “What do I know, and how can I share what I know with others?” At some point in this Web 2.0 world our knowledge not just our images became a commodity. If we come to grips with this and learn that what we know is as important as what we do we are positioning ourselves in a much securer place in the market.

There are times we share our knowledge freely and offer it without any strings attached. This is what this blog is all about.

It is what most of the web is about. A library of knowledge, a vault of captured knowledge. I share, you share and we all benefit. Your knowledge is just as much a commodity as your images. We have to come to grips with this. Once we understand it we then need to work on the best and the most strategic way to share this knowledge.

There are times when this knowledge and the sharing of it becomes a “paid for” commodity. This is when it takes time and energy away from your “day job”. If I spend a day a week mentoring someone on their photography, more than likely I am going to charge, if I run a workshop like Lumen Dei, I will charge for that as well. I won’t go back into this, David covered it all too well last week. In the days to come I hope to share with you ways you can discover what you know and how to share it with others, how to steward your knowledge. There are some traps that we all fall into, some voices we listen to that say, you have nothing to offer anyone. I want to help you learn to recognize them and avoid these pitfalls to knowledge. I also want to show you a very cool tool that some might find elementary, but that if used can be a huge help to advance your business and your craft.