Announcing the 2nd Location Portraiture & Lighting Masterclass in Varanasi, India

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I am pleased to announce the second Location Portraiture and Lighting Masterclass in Varanasi, India. Well, ok it’s really the second time we’ve run the class, but the first time we’ve used this name. I am teaming up again with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Guru and Wizard of Light Piet Van den Eynde. We will be releasing full details in the days to come. But let me assure you this will be an amazing class! Piet and I have been working all winter hammering out the details to make this class one that will be both highly educational, exciting, challenging and memorable and I think we have succeeded. We will be covering techniques and skills that are often skipped over on other workshops of this price or length. We will be covering the broad topics of: Continue reading

DAM News on the Workshop Front


I am trilled to report that registration for the Rajasthan Photo Trek and Workshop going well, and by well I mean FANTASTIC! ! We now only have one spot left are sold out! 1 After publishing this post, I think that last spot might be history very soon. Continue reading

  1. We will maintain a waiting list for the Rajasthan Photo Trek. Please don’t confuse the Rajasthan Photo Trek with the one day DAM Master Class. We still have plenty of room in the Master Class.