Postcard from New Zealand

Kawhia Beach with Karioi Maunga behind. The heather looking grass is actually an invasive weed, called pampas grass. Much of New Zealand's native species are being over run by outside species. This is exactly what conservation organizations like A Rocha are at work to combat.

Kawhia Beach with Karioi Maunga behind.

I have been in Raglan, New Zealand for the past two weeks teaching several classes for the On Field Media Project. Our host is a Christian Conservation organization called, A Rocha (read my past post on A Rocha here.). A Rocha New Zealand’s main project is the restoration of the habitat of the many seabirds around a mountain called Karioi Maunga and it’s coastline. It is a fascinating project and one in the days to come I want to tell you more about.

Right now, I am on my way back home to the US and I count myself fortunate to be standing upright as the day after I arrived in New Zealand, my back gave out on me. I spent almost a week visiting physiotherapist and receiving acupuncture up and down my spine. I am much better now, though still not fully recovered. The training went very well. I’ll be reporting on it in another post. For now, I want to leave you with an image or two from around Raglan. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries on the earth. It is a shame I spent most of my time laying face down on a physiotherapist’s table. But at least I was able to visit this lovely little town and it’s surroundings.


Wainamu beach, a local beach at Raglan.

Wainamu beach, a local beach at Raglan.


Wainamu beach.

Wainamu beach.


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2 thoughts on “Postcard from New Zealand

  1. Kia Ora Matt,
    Really enjoyed your company during your time in Aotearoa NZ with A Rocha. Thanks for your huge input – both skills and ideas – into our thinking re ‘story-telling’, photography and media communications. Thanks too for the humour, imitations and sing-a-longs.
    Travel safe.
    Ka kite ano.

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